30 Pinterest Projects

Instead of always just pinning, I should do more doing. As part of my list, I’d like to do at least thirty pinterest-inspired projects over the next year. So far I’ve done…

1. Moon Sand! Flour, baby oil, utensils, toys, and a pink hospital bucket. Very fun time for the big kids. Will definitely be a repeat project! Probably best to do on a day when I need to sweep the floor anyway but they really were pretty neat with it. Maybe a big, shallow tote would be better.


2. Low calorie berry cobbler! Super duper simple dessert. Two bags of frozen mixed berries, white cake mix, and a can of Sprite Zero. That’s all! I made it for us and two families of friends who came over for dinner. We paired it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and I’d say it was a hit! Of course without the ice cream, it really could have been a low calorie dessert. Oops ;)


3. Spooky Healthy Halloween Snack! Very very easy way to add a themed fruit to our Halloween playgroup lunch. Next year I won’t wait until last minute and will try to do them a little better.


4. Homemade Twix Bars! Little more time consuming than just grabbing a Twix bar at the grocery line check out…ha, or maybe a lot more time consuming! And not near as tasty. I mean the chocolate and caramel were fine but the shortbread part was sub-par. And cutting pieces was difficult. But I’m glad I tried and glad I got to try it out with Katie- my friend who often shared a package of Twix with me back in our college days. Maybe next time we’re together I’ll try the homemade Reese’s cups recipe- we used to share the store bought version of those too!


5. Indoor masking tape games! I needed a P.E. activity for school and decided to try this out. The kids loves it! Something cheap, easy, and different! They played target practice, balance beam, long jump, tic tac toe, and the favorite- hallway hopscotch!


6. Baked corn dogs! For Halloween lunch, I made these corn muffins with cut up hot dogs inside. Sure they’re healthier than fried but they’re also not choking hazards. Win-win. They were a little crumbly but all in all they deserve a thumbs up. I’ll definitely make them again!


7. Letter walk! Designed to be done outside in the neighborhood, but it’s also the perfect game for the living room while sisters are napping. The idea is to find objects that start with each letter and fold over (or cut/tear) the letters as you go. We also lined up the objects (mostly toys) as he found them. A was for alligator, B was for ball, C- clown nose, D-dragon, etc. I let him skip some if he wanted but we came back and eventually found them all. A few of the trickier ones…I- ice, N- nothing! (haha), Q- quilt, X- the X piece in the alphabet puzzle, Y- yellow block, Z- zebra print chair.


8. Spice rack on the inside of the cabinet doors! When I originally saw this idea on Pinterest many moons ago, it said to use a mop holder to store your spices. I thought it was genius! Recently I’ve been cooking and baking more and decided it was time to do this Pinterest project. I amazoned (ya know like googled) mop holder and the first thing that popped up was a spice rack organizer for twenty spices. So…nothing about mops? It’s like Amazon knew what I was really after…weird. Anyway, click click click and it was on its way to my kitchen. Still needs some work but I’m on my way to having the cabinet above my stove a little more user friendly.


P.S. Colored icing is totally a spice. Totally. :)


9. The Minivan Express!! Oh, wow this was definitely a Pinterest success! Jon read the kids “The Polar Express” while I was hurriedly getting everything ready. After the story, they went to their beds and each of them found new Christmas pajamas and a ticket to The Minivan Express! They were so excited! Once they were all in their new pj’s, we went to the van. Jon hollered “All aboard!” and I punched their tickets. Inside they found chocolate milk and snacks. The Polar Express soundtrack was playing and their faces lit up with joy! It was seriously so precious! First, we drove to a house that has their lights set to Christmas music– including Mariah Carrey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” It was fun and also a little mind boggling for them. Next we went to a neighborhood by the lake (even saw Santa skiing on it!) We drove around for quite awhile and I can’t believe how happy everyone was. On our way back home, everyone got a bell to ring. Very fun time…definitely will be an annual tradition!




10. Donut snowmen! Leftover donuts from Minivan Express + candy from Grandma Lola = Pinterest treat for Christmas morning! I didn’t put them on a stick like I was suppose to but I will of I do a repeat for the Onederland party. Favors maybe?


11. For Super Bowl Sunday I did two (and a half) Pinterest projects but I’m going to list them both here as number eleven. First, I wanted to do something a little festive so I made a cracker tray in the shape of a football. Pretty cute- but way too much for the few people we had over. I’ll do it again next football season I’m sure. Maybe with different meat. Pepperonis may be football colored but the kids thought they were too spicy.


Next, Reese’s peanut butter cups inside of chocolate chip cookie baked in a muffin tin. Oh my gosh! Delicious! Loved loved loved them. Very high calorie so they better be a very seldom treat.



And the half project- well who wants to actually watch football when instead you can paint and chat with a friend! I’ll have to update later but here it is so far–date night/family fun night ideas in a jar! I’m excited to finish it and implement it soon!


Thirty While 30–January update

Uh…I’m a little late on this monthly update.  So to make up for it, I am going to address every single item one of the thirty items on my list.  Here goes…

1. Marathon…check!  (still no blog post…one day!)
2. Triathlon…I’m thinking I’ll have this marked off by next month’s update so stay tuned!
3. Sub-30 minute 5K…another one that I think I’ll have done by next month’s update.  Hopefully I can do a 5K on February 2nd–depends on the timing of great grandma’s birthday celebration.  And if I can run it, hopefully I can run it fast!
4. Out of thirty exercise classes.…I’ve done two.  Jon’s schedule is crazy and I’m anti-gym daycare but hopefully I can start cranking out some classes soon!

5. New haircut…appointment January 18th!

6. I’ve gone to daily Mass five times.

7. My saint book is still lost.  Oops!  I must clean out totes of random stuff taken out of the van.  I’m just sure it’s in one of those!

8. I’ve done seven secret random acts of kindness.
9. We’ve donated to six charities.
10. I’ve volunteered two hours of my time.

11. We’ve gone out on six date nights.  We’ve also had more stay at home date nights like watching the Office together.  Love laughing with my hubs!

12. Mom/sister time hasn’t happened yet.  Maybe in July…which is forever away but two of the husbands will be off and that could be helpful for the kidlets.
13.  FLW part 2 also hasn’t happened yet.  It’s nice that Leslie lives closer now.  Maybe when Ryn moves back we can pin that down.
14. I’ve taken the kids on three “field trips.”
15. I’ve had dinner/lunch eleven times with my Grandpa.  I honestly think this list helps because it prevents me from letting too much time slip by without at least visiting him…and hopefully having a meal together too.
16. I’ve done ten Pinterest projects.

17. I’ve done seven new recipes.  Love this one but need to work on it a lot more.  We could so eat the same ten meals all year long!
18. Shoot a gun.  Not yet but hopefully with the help of a brother in law I can get this one done.  It makes me nervous just thinking about it!
19. Enter something in the fair.  The fair isn’t until September so I have plenty of time to decide what to enter.  I should probably mark reminders on my calendars that I will get registered in time because I forgot last year!
20. Make a fruit bowl with the kids.  Such a random one, haha!  When the baby is a bit older, we’ll work on making this happen.
21. Organize files/papers/photos.  Psh, yeah right!  Nowhere close!  Sigh.  Maybe one day.  But my amazing husband has been working on the photos and we now have photo books from 2007 and 2008.  I think I’m gonna convince him to make a 2012 one soon so we can show it off at Taylor’s birthday party.

22. Limit clothing to 30 articles. I did some initial work on this months ago but haven’t done much since then.  On a related note, I did weed out tons of the kids’ clothes.
23. Spend $30 or less in thirty consecutive days…check!
24. Recycle…check!  Loving this so far.  Curbside pick up once a week.  The guy who does it is super nice and it’s worth the money spent to have a little less trash and feel like I’m doing some good for the world.
25. Watch 30 of the top 100 movies.  Um, none so far.  Who talked me into this one?!?!  I think it was Fara!  Ugh, we better get to crack-a-lackin.
26. Dance with thirty friends/family at Czech Hall. Ah, can’t wait.  It will be so much fun!

27. Letters…um, none.  I know that’s horrible.  I vow to have something to report next time.  I used to rock at snail mail.  Notsomuch anymore.
28. Special letters to the kids.  Again, none.  Surely I can write Taylor one for her 1st birthday!
29. Read a Psalm a day for thirty days…April is the plan!
30.  I’ve only taken two bubble baths. What?!?!  I better get to work on this one!

Daily Mass…30 times!

My plan is to attend daily Mass thirty times while I’m 30. That shouldn’t be THAT hard, right?! Totally not a regular habit of ours though so I’m hoping it will be after this year!
1. October 2, 2012…the kids and I went to 12:05 Mass. We were about five minutes late which is a pretty huge deal when it comes to a weekday Mass. Hope to do better next time! There were only twenty parishioners present and my three were the only kids. I was nervous but they did great I think. I like how the gospel said we should become like little children or we will not enter the kingdom of heaven. The homily was great too–thankful for guardian angels!

2. October 3, 2012…two days in a row? Yes, we did! After a park playdate, Karla and Nicole were going to evening Mass so we decided to go too. Since we were already out and about, we were on time! Score! But we missed Communion, thanks to a potty break. Boo. While listening, (or trying to, haha!) the part that stood out most was about how we should be willing to follow Jesus wherever He goes, and without hesitation!

3. November 7, 2012…Wednesday evening Mass with all five of us. The kids had all just woken up from wonderfully long two hour naps so I thought we’d attempt church with the well- rested tots. We didn’t take any form of entertainment in with us- no toys, books, paper, crayons, drinks, snacks….nada. I have to say they all did quite well! On the way home, I re-read the readings aloud and we talked about them and then a conversation stated about scriptures that are good to think about and pray about while running. Love having a hubby who likes to run and pray just as much as I do! So blessed!

4. December 11, 2012…Totally went to Mass today because I knew I would be making my monthly update about my list. So that’s pretty much why I went, but hey it got us there! The gospel made me want to watch the Pistachio Veggie Tales movie with the kids. :)

5. January 9, 2013…Rough week with a lot on my mind so I thought daily Mass would help. Tried to go yesterday but after arriving with all the kids in tow I found out that there wasn’t Mass due to the priest being out of town I guess. So…tried again this evening and Jon got to join us. Yay! Definitely brightened my week. :)

30 dinners with Grandpa

This year, I’d like to eat dinner with my Grandpa at least 30 times. I’ll briefly document here to keep track for my Thirty while 30! list.

1. September 13, 2012- The five of us went to Grandpa’s house this evening. We made scrambled eggs, sausage (provided by him), and blueberry pancakes. Brinner is always a favorite across the generations! :)

2. October 4, 2012- This time I made potato soup and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Grandpa provided the peaches. It was the perfect Fall meal! After dinner and clean-up, Jon and the big kids went home while Taylor and I stayed to visit some more. Since Grandma just passed away last week, I’m trying to really cherish our time with Grandpa. He’s doing good and we’re all looking forward to another visit next week.

3. October 22, 2012- Because of our vacation, it had been awhile since we had dinner with Grandpa. Tonight Jon had to work late, so I decided to take the kids over for a spontaneous (and simple!) dinner. Sandwiches, oranges, and green beans. Easy prep and easy clean-up was nice since Jon wasn’t around.

4. October 25, 2012- Second dinner with Grandpa this week! This one was planned and Jon could join us, so we stepped it up a bit from the sandwiches on Monday. Tonight’s dinner….lasagna, green salad, corn on the cob, and peaches. Grandpa loved it and cleaned his plate!


5. October 27, 2012- This dinner prompted by the Ohnesorges being in town! Since it was their idea (and since we’re on a tight budget!) they provided the Papa John’s pizza. Yum! The kids and I brought the salad and brownies. Jon was working but we saved him some leftovers. It was a fun and tasty evening! I had Mags snap this pic.


6. October 31, 2012- This time “dinner” was at lunch. :) And it was at my house this time too. Kate and the Fab Five came to town for Halloween so we had Dad bring Grandpa over for lunch and to see the eight little ones dressed up. The lunch was Pinterest inspired corn dog muffins, Pinterest inspired jack o lantern mandarin oranges, and regular old mixed veggies. Fun times!


7. November 8, 2012- Spontaneous trip to Grandpa’s since we were out and about and kinda in his direction. Since dinner wasn’t planned ahead of time, we feasted on chicken nuggets, Tony’s pizza, and some fruit. Taylor liked it!



8. November 11, 2012- Veteran’s Day lunch! For the past couple of years, we’ve celebrated Veteran’s Day with Grandpa…complete with a patriotic dessert! This year we did it again. No Grandma this time…but I know she was watching! I remember last year that she hugged me for a looong time as she thanked me for doing it for Grandpa. Missed her this year but glad to have the Ohs join us. I made spaghetti and meatballs and they brought salad, bread, and fruit. After lunch, James and Mary helped decorate the flag cake. It was still warm, then topped with cold cool whip and cold fruit. Yuuuum!





9. November 19, 2012- Grandpa came to our house this time because the out-of-state brothers and their families were in town. Golden Chick! It’s so nice that we can very easily host twelve plus two babies. The weather was great today too so playing outside was a must!



10. December 15, 2012- Ah…what would have been Grandma’s birthday. I’m sure she had fun watching us all gather together to celebrate Christmas with Grandpa. He seemed so tickled that we wanted to do it this year- well of course! There were probably around 35 of us there and believe it or not, it really never seemed too crowded! There was some coming and going and a bit of playing outside so I’m sure that helped. We had tons of food and lots of fun. The littles all unwrapped presents and the grown ups enjoyed watching them! I really missed Grandma not being there and will continue to cherish the time we have left with Grandpa.



11. January 8, 2012- We stopped by on Sunday to invite Grandpa to IHOP but he’d already eaten so while there I made plans for today. The kids and I brought dinner over and Jon joined us after work. Spaghetti, broccoli, and garlic toast. Yum! I’m pretty sure the last time I made spaghetti was with Grandpa in November. Not sure why I don’t make it more. It’s definitely a favorite!


30 Date Nights

Thirty date nights is on the list. That’s not even once a week. And they can definitely be at home date nights too. They just need to be intentional time with the hubs. Should be easier than it will be. Hopefully sometime within this year, date nights will be a habit, and they’ll be often, and they’ll be of variety- not just dinner out at a restaurant, and they’ll be fun, romantic times with my groom!

1. October 30, 2012- An evening out at a mansion! Jon’s work had a dinner party to welcome new physicians. I don’t really love these type of events but I do enjoy spending some kid-free time with Jon. Good meal, good dessert, and a fun time walking around mingling with my hubby at my side.

2. November 13, 2012- We made it to our first Pub Run! My mom came over to babysit the kids so Jon and I could run together. Once a month, the local running club meets at a pub downtown and runs 22 minutes out and back. The idea behind that is so everyone finishes at the same time regardless of your speed. We actually ran shorter than that because it’s marathon week and I wanted to pretty much stick to my scheduled run of three miles. We ended up at 3.28 miles in 35:33. It was fun to run together-we’ll be doing that on Sunday! We didn’t stick around to socialize afterwards but maybe we can next time. And as soon as we go six times total we’ll earn a Pub Run shirt…haha, how fun!

3. December 11, 2012- Second Pub Run! Yes, yes we do need to go on a “real date.” A just the two of us dinner date but it’s been a little crazy with sick kids, sick mom/grandma, and Jon’s busy work schedule. Glad we found the time (and a sitter!) to get to do the Pub Run again. This time we did 3.9 miles in 40:44. A sub 30 minute 5K a short break and then an easier 0.8 miles to finish up back at the pub. We ordered before running (how smart!) and our calzone was ready shortly after we found a spot to sit. There were 21 runners who signed in and most stuck around for a beer, dinner, and a Dirty Santa gift exchange. We came home with a variety package of peanuts, and a some running fuel. Fun! It was nice to hang out afterwards and still make it home after just two hours from when we left the kids. They did great with a new babysitter and hopefully we’ll get her scheduled to come back soon for one of those “real dates” I was talking about! Or at the very least I need to wear a cute running skirt for our next Pub Run date! ;)


4. December 19, 2012- Christmas Party sans kids. We arrived in two cars, left at different times, but it was still a date by golly! I provided some desserts. And some pearls.



5. December 22, 2012- The inlaws babysat and we went to the mall of all places. It was quite fun- reminding me of our dating days because we were able to just casually window shop and hold hands without feeling rushed or interrupted. I think it was especially fun because of the time of the year. Our dinky little mall was a little less dinky! There were extra kiosks and definitely extra shoppers. We played with some marionettes, bought a few gifts, and had Chick Fil A for dinner and dessert!




6. January 4, 2013- The new babysitter came over so we could go on our first real date of 2013! Well…does it count as a real date if we took the baby with us? Haha…but she was fussy! And we wanted things to go really well for Kasey again so we just took Taylor with us. A little tricky because I didn’t have the ergo…yeah, how do moms actual carry 20+ pounds of baby without wearing them?! Anyway… it was nice that we didn’t have to worry about being gone from her. First we went to a local restaurant that we’d been to a couple times but this time was at their new place. Two thumbs up! Tasty food, great service, and fast. We were in and out in 45 minutes. Plus they said maybe we can use their side room for CYA! After dinner, we did a little shopping. Got me some new running shorts and then to Hobby Lobby just for the fun of it. It’s much easier to go there without 2 and 4 year olds. Although, that darn ergo would have been nice! Anyway, we did do a little shopping…fun stuff like spray paint, 3M thingys, some organizing totes, and a jar for the next time we make apple butter. We’re such nerds :) Speaking of nerds, we took a pic to celebrate us being married for 5 years, 5 months. Love him!


Thirty classes at the YMCA

I need to do thirty exercise classes at the YMCA while I’m 30 so I can mark off another thing off my list. There are several to choose from–Zumba, Body Pump, Turbo Kick, Core Strength, Total Body Workout, Cycling, Cardio Circuit, and Yoga. Here’s what I’ve done so far…

1. November 26, 2012- Zumba at 530am. It was a small class taught by a friend of mine so that was fun. I was a little awkward for sure- but after not going to Zumba for about a year and a half, my expectations weren’t too high. :)

2. December 29, 2012- Not a Y class but I’m still counting it…..I did Turbo Kick at the OAC with Raquel and Jenny.  It was very fun and it had some very, very tough parts to it.  I didn’t think it was as fun as Zumba but that’s probably because it was harder! I will definitely go again sometime!!


30 new recipes

Part of my Thirty while 30 list is to make thirty new recipes. This will likely be very tough for me because we quite happily eat the same things all the time but since I definitely wanted my list to have some challenges I accepted when someone suggested this. It was also suggested that I try thirty new foods but I’m skipping on that part. I’m very much a chicken strips and french fries kinda girl and I’m not brave enough to branch out to thirty new foods. I have recently started eating Greek yogurt though. Two thumbs up! Anyway, on with the recipes…

1. November 5th, 2012 I made meatloaf with a new recipe I found on Pinterest. Here’s the blog it originated from I will try to give credit where credit is due! :)

So it’s tricky because I could include this on my Pinterest list but I feel like there are plenty of crafts/organization/homeschooling/etc pins to keep me busy over there. So, the meatloaf. Not only was it a new recipe but it was the first time ever that I’ve made meatloaf. Not sure why. It just seems so cafeteria style I guess. (if I attempt Salisbury steak you better worry!) So this is all I had to do…combine one pound ground beef, one egg, one cup of water, and a box of unprepared stuffing mix. Smushed it together in a loaf shape and baked it for 45 minute at 350 degrees. Simple! After it was done, I added a zig zag of ketchup because it seemed like the right thing to do. :)


And how did it taste? We loved it! Even Taylor! Will definitely be made again. And it will be so nice to have something new and easy to add to the rotation! Next time I’ll probably try turkey instead of beef. We do that substitution all the time so I’m sure we’ll like it but I wanted to try it beefy first. We had it with steamed broccoli and mixed fruit. Yum yum!


2. November 26, 2012 Another Pinterest recipe success! I’m not sure putting three types of food in a dish is considered a recipe but I’m definitely counting it! We’ll call this…potatoes, chicken, and greens. Just cup up some red potatoes and line them down one side of a 9 x 13 pan, put thawed, raw chicken down the middle, and greens on the other side. We did green beans tonight but will try broccoli next time. Sprinkle some Italian dressing mix on top and then pour on a stick of melted butter. Cover with foil and bake for an hour at 350 degrees. So simple, but quite tasty too. We also had pomegranate with it and James requested “more of everything please, except for pomegranate because it’s not as good as the ones Nathan eats.” psh…whatever! Here’s a pic of the food (minus the sub-par pomegranate!)

Online, it said that this was a good meal to take to people after surgery, having a baby, etc. I agree- very simple, easy to transport, you could even just have it assembled but then they could bake when wanted. Also, it’s good that it consists of very basic foods that most people probably like. In fact, I think I should make it for my sweet (and ill) mama. We’ll definitely repeat it at our house too- but maybe with grapes next time ;)

3. November 29, 2012 Pinterest again! Cilantro lime chicken but I actually altered it to cilantro lemon chicken ’cause Walmart was out of limes and the lime juice I thought was in our fridge was really lemon. So yeah, the cilantro LEMON chicken was pretty tasty I must say. And unlike the last posted recipe, this one was an actual recipe! I mean, I was chopping onion, measuring cumin, de-stemming cilantro, mincing garlic cloves–which by the way, good thing I realized the difference between a clove and a bulb/head…it was almost a very, very garlicky dish! Too bad I realized this after shopping though…so if anyone is currently suffering from annoying vampires, let me know! Anyway…real recipe, and a crockpot one too. It can be prepped ahead of time and then frozen. Here’s a pic from the source I found it on via Pinterest.


There’s wasn’t a pic of the meal after it was cooked…maybe they didn’t post one for the same reasons that I’m not going too…one, I forgot until after dinner. And two, the leftovers were saveable and will make a great lunch but they definitely weren’t photogenic. So just take my word- two thumbs up! We had it with tortillas and various toppings so I guess you’d say we had CLC tacos. I also made rice because I just wasn’t real sure it made enough for us and our dinner guests but I know now I could have skipped the rice. There was plenty of food and I ate too much. So what did I do after stuffing my face? Had dessert, of course! I made brownies from scratch for the first time ever! I had a perfectly good Betty Crocker mix in the cabinet but decided to find a dessert on our friends/dinner guests’ Pinterest page. Just thought it would be fun to try a dessert that she had her eye on! I debated between this and a blueberry cake one but let James decide and of course he picked the chocolate one! I let him help too and that’s always fun. He loves the KitchenAid mixer as much as I do! As distracting as a four year old can be, I really think we followed the directions exactly. However, the frosting did not turn out right. It was nowhere near spreadable. Not close at all. Maybe the butter wasn’t soft enough? Anyway, I added a little more of the liquids-vanilla and honey-to try to make it better. It passed the taste test from James, so I hesitantly spread it on. Then I added walnuts (not in the recipe) because I thought it would counteract the overly sweet as honey frosting. Ha! Worth a try at least! We had the brownies with some Braum’s vanilla ice cream and pretended that calories don’t count on Thursdays. :D


4. December 8, 2012- Christmas cookie exchange at our monthly board game night. We made Christmas wreath cookies and Cherry Chocolate chip cookies. The wreaths were cute and fun to have the kids help decorate. The kiss ones…eh, nowhere near as tasty as the original peanut butter ones. There’s some peppermint chocolate chip ones that I’m gonna try out soon too. Just have to plan ahead because the dough has to be refrigerated for 24 hours. Sheesh. That’s torture. Maybe I can make them for Grandpa’s Christmas. Anyway, here’s some pics from the ones we did make…



5. December 10, 2012- Crockpot cream cheese chicken! Fabulous recipe. So so easy. The last crockpot one I did (cilantro lemon chicken) was great but it required a lot of work. This one was hardly no work at all! Frozen chicken, cream cheese, corn, black beans, rotel. Stir every couple hours. Ready after about seven hours on low. We added it to some minute rice, topped with shredded cheddar cheese, and then put it in a tortilla. Yum. And it made tons. Looking forward to leftovers and making it again soon too! It’d be a great one to make for when friends visit…then I could spend more time cleaning house and less time worrying about dinner!


6. December 18, 2012- Red velvet poke cake! I wanted a new, festive dessert for our CYA Christmas gathering. Red velvet poke cake fits that definition right? Found this on Pinterest (and a banana version too!) It was very easy and the kids had fun helping me with it. Bake the red velvet cake as normal, poke holes in it, make cheesecake pudding, pour it into holes and spread it around, then spread on cool whip, and top with crushed generic Oreos! De-lish. Can’t wait to make it again and I’ve already got the stuff to make the banana version too. Yum!


7. December 21, 2012- Bacon wrapped chicken! Um yum. It was so good! Recommended to me when I polled my Facebook friends for low carb meals for my FIL. We had it with salad, broccoli, and fruit. I totally forgot to take a pic but here is his “after” plate. Haha! Success! I’ll make it again soon and add a pic.



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